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Would you like to make money by telling wives about books that can help their marriage? Just for giving your honest recommendation for these books of encouragement for wives, you will get a percentage of the profits when they purchase…

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Won Without Words

Shari writes encouragement for wives at her blog, Won Without Words. Her book, Won Without Words, is a book based on the spiritual principle of I Peter 3, and tells the story of how God restored a modern-day marriage. Sign…

Shari's Homeschool Blog, Oh Joy!

If you homeschool, and would like to find some resources, or find some of Shari’s favorites when it comes to curriculum and learning adventures, or connect with some of Shari’s homeschool friends like Home Educating Family Magazine, or just want…

Writing Coaching and Classes

Join Shari Popejoy for writing classes. Current class is Flash Fiction, with publishing opportunity. She also offers a weekly writing tip for elementary students at Wednesday Writers.

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You can find Shari Popejoy online at Today’s Christian Woman, Focus on the Family’s Thriving Magazine, Home Educating Family Magazine, Life Plus Homeschooling Talk Show and Videos, and More!