Livingstone Library Set of 4 Books; Volumes I-IV

Livingstone Library;

Purchase the complete set of the Livingstone adventures (so far).

Journey with the Livingstones to Rhemawood where the adventure begins in Speak No Evil as Miss Sophia is trapped in an altered reality where truth is a reflection of the impressions and words of a sinister foe.

The Song of Rebellion makes for a discordant tone as a little girl is caught in an orchestration of evil because of her own selfish choices. Find out how the Livingstones restore harmony and beauty for the residents at Rhemawood.

In Echoes of Thunder, find out how pride can lead to blindness, as the Livingstones find and release Joe from the darkness of his own arrogance.

A gardening theme in Seeds of the Whirlwind sprouts up as the Livingstones discover the mystery of how death is swallowed up in life when they help a wayward teen discover his true identity.

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Price: $24.95

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