Undercover Highschooler Book

Undercover Highschooler is the observations of a not-so-typical high school junior after she enrolled in a typical mid-western public high school. She began to journal her thoughts about the students she met in her new peer group, and her observations of how it seemed the public school culture had shaped their behavior, attitude, and even their character.

Also available in e-book.

Undercover Highschooler is a realistic look at a public school, co-written with a high school student. Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the classroom? Do you wish your high school student would tell you about his day, but secretly fear to hear the truth? Would you like to be a fly on the wall and see a typical high school student’s day? This book looks at the public school culture from the perspective of a student who discovered that the culture had shaped the students in a way that was disappointing, unnecessary and sad. Interesting viewpoint. If you've ever wanted an honest look inside a public school classroom, or wondered how you could counteract some of the influences your child will face in public school, this book is an eye-opening and insightful look into the public school culture. Parental Guidance Suggested: due to the language and sexual inferences included in this book of a PG-13 nature, this book is not intended for young readers.


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