30 Days To Intimacy E-Book

This book takes wives on a journey to explore the beauty, power, necessity, and potential of marital intimacy.

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Using the metaphor from Song of Solomon of the grapevine to represent intimacy, 30 Days to Intimacy includes thirty daily readings that encourage wives to explore, embrace, examine, and become excited about the possibilities for marital satisfaction through emotional and physical intimacy in marriage as God designed it originally. Each daily devotional reading includes a stroll the deck section where wives are encouraged to reflect on new ways of thinking about their role and responsibility in the relationship, and consider how their actions and reactions affect the marital relationship. An itinerary is included at the end of each reading with helpful hints of ideas to enhance intimacy and companionship. A sample prayer is included each day for meditation and supplication. Physical intimacy is addressed in metaphorical language, but no more specific than the poetic book of Song of Solomon. The reader can apply the general scenarios to her own relationship, regardless of the season of life, or the challenges or obstacles she might face in her own relationship.


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