30 Days to My Anniversary E-Book


30 Days to My Anniversary is an interactive anniversary card for wives.

This book is for the Christian wife who wants to make a daily effort to be a better wife, and to bring love and romance into her marriage in preparation for a romantic anniversary celebration – and who wants a unique gift for her hard-to-buy-for husband.

The challenges are simple to perform, not requiring special supplies or skills, and are easy enough for a newlywed, yet fun and interesting for a woman married decades.

Daily readings challenge wives to consider a practical change in her thinking, attitude, or actions toward her husband for one day. Space is allowed for her to jot a sweet note to her husband, and date the completion of the suggestion. Extra Bible study or journal ideas are given with the daily suggestions, and each day concludes with a prayer for her husband and marriage.

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Presented to her husband on their anniversary, this is a perfect love letter for the man who has everything; it may become the favorite gift he's ever received. Reading this book, a wife will discover a new understanding of her husband, as she witnesses how easily she can bring pleasure to her husband with simple and fun exercises of loving expression. As she completes the suggestions, she will be encouraged to grow to a new level of expressing love toward her husband. Shari writes in 30 Days to My Anniversary with an easy conversational style that introduces spiritual truths in a relaxed and friendly way. She also combines her straightforward Missouri manner with a commonsense approach that is efficient and effective in its application. Wives who participate in this 30-day journey may be surprised that a simple change in behavior or perspective can help to improve communication and relationship with her husband. She will delight in bringing this good gift to her marriage, as she finds practical tips to enhance her relationship with her husband—just in time to celebrate their anniversary!


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