30 Days to Stop Fighting E-book

30 days to Stop Fighting; sharipopejoy.com

It is impossible for one person to fight alone. If the other refuses to engage, there is no argument.  Find out the strategies the author learned to eliminate conflict in her marriage and bring peace to her home.

This book contains thirty days of devotional readings that outline what she experienced, how her thought processes changed, and how changing her perspective changed her marriage.

Wives are encouraged to get a journal and document her journey. She can use the journal prompts with each daily reading to reflect and write her feelings and thoughts and chart her growth. Each devotion contains a sample prayer, and a place to date the victory over each challenge, and even write a note to her husband.


Shari writes in 30 Days to Stop Fighting with an easy conversational style that introduces spiritual truths in a relaxed and friendly way. She also combines her straightforward Missouri manner with a commonsense approach that is efficient and effective in its application. As she enacted these practical principles, which softened her husband's heart to spiritual matters, she realized how easily a wife can change the mood of her home by her own attitude and actions toward her husband. She has turned some of those hard lessons into simple suggestions in 30 Days to Stop Fighting--that any woman can do to eliminate conflict in her marriage. Wives who participate in this 30-day journey may be surprised that a simple change in behavior or perspective can eliminate conflict, and help to improve communication and relationship with her husband.


Price: $2.99

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