Won Without Words E-Book

Won Without Words is a book based on I Peter 3:1-2 as a spiritual promise fulfilled in an actual modern-day marriage.

Also available in softcover book.

Won Without Words tells the story about how God restored a marriage through love, and is an encouragement for women who are praying for their husbands. The author declares, "How I conquered nagging, lecturing, and arguing, and learned how to get everything I ever wanted from my husband without saying a single word." This intriguing statement is the basis for the author's conversation to the reader in this book, about how she learned some tough lessons. The author answers the following questions in her book: How can a woman win the respect and devotion of her unspiritual husband, allowing his heart to be softened and prepared for repentance? How can a strong, independent, modern-day wife lay aside the habit of fighting for her rights, and still obtain everything she wants and needs? How do you win an argument with a proud and stubborn man? How do you break down the barriers in a loveless marriage? Why do some marriages work, but mine doesn't? Is there any hope for my marriage? Do I really love my husband? How can I introduce my husband to a spiritual walk with Christ according to I Peter 3:1? What if you could turn your lonely, miserable marriage into a blissful, serene, happy partnership, where your needs are met, intimacy is restored, and happiness and stability reign in your home? Learn how the author discovered the answers to these questions in her marriage, and how her secret desires became her husband's greatest gift to her, as she became victorious in her marriage, as she lived the principle of Won Without Words. Containing 214 pages, and over 200 end notes, this book can prompt further study of biblical truths.

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